Global & Sector Momentum for April 7, 2014

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Global Momentum April 7 2014

The following are the top momentum performers for this week.

Fidelity Select Sector Funds

  1. Health Care  (FSPHX)
  2. Biotechnology  (FBIOX)
  3. Electronics  (FSELX)
  4. Pharmaceuticals  (FPHAX)
  5. Transportation (FSRFX)
  6. Software  (FSCSX)
  7. Medical Equipment  (FSMEX)
  8. Air Transport  (FSAIX)
  9. Technology  (FSPTX)
  10. Communications Equip  (FSDCX)

ETF Sector Funds

  1. Claymore Solar Energy (TAN)
  2. US Natural Gas (UNG)
  3. FrTrust Biotech (FBT)
  4. SPDR Biotech  (XBI)
  5. PShrs Clean Energy (PBW)
  6. SPDR Pharmaceuticals (XPH)
  7. iShares NASDAQ Biotech (IBB)
  8. iShares Semiconductor (SOXX)
  9. FrTrust Global Wind (FAN)
  10. iShares US AERO & Defense (ITA)

ETF International

  1. MV Egypt  (EGPT)
  2. iShares Denmark (EDEN)
  3. Gib X Greece 20 (GREK)
  4. WTree Euro Sm Cap Div (DFE)
  5. MV Gulf States (MES)
  6. iShares MSCI Italy (EWI)
  7. iShares Ireland (EIRL)
  8. iShares Spain (EWP)
  9. MV India Small Cap (SCIF)
  10. MV Vietnam (VNM)
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