Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Matt and his team at the Mutual Fund Investor Guide analyze thousands of mutual funds and exchange traded funds each month to provide our members with reliable buy, hold, and sell recommendations based on current market conditions.  

Mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are popular investment options for investors wanting to diversify their portfolio in a more cautious manner. The funds we recommend benefit from professional managers, lower transaction costs and more liquidity than individual stocks. Investors can access these funds to create a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities, which can help spread the risk across multiple companies and sectors. This can reduce the impact of any one sector’s poor performance on their portfolio. 

We believe a strong portfolio is built over time with deliberate management, while avoiding reactionary recommendations. We have a conservative investment philosophy; our primary goal is capital preservation with risk mitigated growth. Our members can count on our commitment to consistent, long-term performance.  

Each Mutual Fund Investor Guide newsletter contains hundreds of buy, hold and sell recommendations, along with multiple Model Portfolios to follow. Our model portfolios are crafted to meet the needs of all investors, with Model Portfolios that account for many risk tolerances, growth expectations and income goals.

Mutual Fund Investor Guide Affiliate

A separate affiliate of Mutual Fund Investor Guide, MDS Wealth Advisors provides personalized account management and financial planning services. With experience in retirement planning, asset allocation, preservation of principle, and dividend growth opportunities MDS Wealth Advisors provides honest and reliable portfolio management with a reasonable fee structure.


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With multiple model portfolios for each of our monthly newsletters, we are certain to have a portfolio to match your investing strategy. With 10 years of returns to back up our advice, our track record shows success you can count on.

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