ETF Investor Guide Model Changes & Performance Returns

We have made several changes to the ETF Investor Guide Model Portfolios.  Please login to your account to access the buy and sell recommendations.  If you do not receive the ETF Investor Guide, please call us at (888) 252-5372 to immediately begin your membership.

Additionally, we are pleased to report our year-to-date performance of the ETF Investor Guide Model Portfolios through March 14, 2014:

Aggressive Sector Portfolio:  +1.40%
Straight Growth Portfolio:  +1.24%
Balanced Growth Portfolio:  +1.00%
Conservative Income Portfolio:  +0.24%
Global Portfolio:  +0.24%
Aggressive Value Portfolio:  -0.02%
Absolute Return/Down Market Portfolio:  -0.59%
S&P 500 Index:  -0.39%

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