Special Report: The Best Fidelity Fund to Buy Before 2015

The Best Fidelity Fund to Buy Before 2015


With the risk of higher interest rates becoming reality in 2015, investors looking for high income face a tough set of choices. Until now, holding long dated Treasury and investment grade bonds has been a good way to earn higher income, but rising interest rates will lead to capital losses on funds holding these securities. High-yield bond funds mitigate some of the risk, but they too  are susceptible to rising rate.  Another option is to use floating-rate securities that reset their interest rates based on changes in the market. These funds pay a lower yield than you can currently obtain in the market, but if rates rise, these bonds will decline much less, while the income of the fund will rise.  To view our choice for the Best Fidelity Fund to Buy Before 2015, Please Continue Reading.

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