Investor Guide to Fidelity Funds year-to-date Model Portfolio Performance through March 31, 2014:

We are pleased to provide our model performance through March 31, 2014

Fidelity Select Sector Fund Portfolio:  +2.33%

Fidelity Straight Growth Portfolio:  +1.17%

Fidelity Balanced Growth Portfolio:  +1.63%

Fidelity Global Portfolio:  +2.25%

Fidelity Conservative Income Portfolio:  +1.54%

NTF Diversified Sector Portfolio:  +2.38%

NTF Straight Growth Portfolio:  +1.53%

NTF Balanced Growth Portfolio:  +2.38%

NTF Tax Advantage Portfolio:  +1.76%

NTF Aggressive Value Portfolio:  +4.55%

NTF Absolute/Down Market Portfolio:  -0.74%

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