ETF Investor Guide: February 2014

ETF Investor Guide February 2014

A Note from Matt:

We would like to introduce you to the first issue of The ETF Investor Guide. For the past several years it has been my privilege, along with our editors and analysts, to provide you with comprehensive coverage of hundreds of ETFs. The ETF Investor Guide team is very excited to present you with our enhanced newsletter and we are confident it will help you make sound investment decisions for years to come. As you will notice, we have included some new data, such as the yield and expense ratio for each ETF. We will continue to provide numerous model portfolios you can use to allocate your investments, based on your individual goals and risk tolerances. Thank you for your continued loyalty; should you ever have any questions or comments about our newsletters, please call me directly at (888) 252- 5372. It would be my pleasure to personally discuss our buy, hold, and sell recommendations, as well as our thoughts on the market at any time.

Market Perspective:

TStocks have started to climb their way back to positive territory in February. Although the NASDAQ performed well over the first month of the year, the S&P 500 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Russell 2000 Index all started the year on a downswing. These indices all stopped their slide early in February though and are within striking distance of break even for the year. From a technical viewpoint, the indices must break into positive territory and then go on to set new all-time highs before the correction can be said to be over. That gives the bears some breathing room, but beyond very short-term indicators, the bulls still have the long and intermediate term trends in their favor. We fully expected a correction after the strong close to 2013 and results over the first 46 days of the New Year were in line with this prediction.

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