Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield Adds Currency To The Mix

Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield Adds Currency To The Mix

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  • GYLD is a multi-asset ETF with global exposure.
  • GYLD is well-diversified across assets and geography.
  • The main attraction relative to other multi-asset ETFs is GYLD’s roughly 40 percent non-U.S. dollar exposure.

Multi-asset ETFs offer investors diversification within a single ETF. Stocks, bonds, preferred stock, REITs, MLPs and commodities are some of the assets that can be found in a multi-asset fund. These funds are attractive to investors due to the promise of diversification and sometimes high yields, but investors need to dig into the details to figure out how the fund is constructed.

Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield Fund (NYSEARCA:GYLD) is the fifth-largest multi-asset ETF, and it offers investors an equal weight and global approach to multi-asset exposure…. To continue reading, please Click Here.

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