Alibaba: Risk, Reward And The Best ETF

Alibaba: Risk, Reward And The Best ETF 

A Seeking Alpha Contribution


  • Alibaba is poised to benefit from the rebalancing of the Chinese economy.
  • The greatest risk comes from Jack Ma’s history of investor unfriendly decisions.
  • YHOO remains the best option ahead of the IPO, while KWEB will offer the best ETF exposure post-IPO.

Alibaba (Pending:BABA) is the behemoth of the Chinese retail Internet market. It operates online retailer Taobao, third-party retail site Tmall and group buy site Juhuasuan. In 2013, these three sites generated gross market value sales of $248 billion, or 82.7% of total revenues. The bulk of the other revenue came from, a global wholesale B2B marketplace,, a Chinese wholesale site, and AliExpress, a global consumer marketplace. One of the popular factoids about Alibaba is that it is larger than Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) combined and more profitable, with earnings of $2.85 billion in 2013.

What makes Alibaba a compelling company isn’t only these retail holdings though, it is the profits it receives from its former Alipay subsidiary, the PayPal of China. It also highlights the greatest risk for investors in Alibaba: the “variable interest entity” and Jack Ma’s history of management…To continue reading, please Click Here.

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